The staff is incredibly helpful and kind, and the coffee is exceptional. The aesthetic is some of the best in Harrisonburg. Highly recommend taking the time to stop in! You can also enjoy your coffee out in the public corridor which is extremely shaded and perfect for a summers day.

/ Darren Woodward  /


I was walking down Main with my Girlfriend a few days ago and we popped into the Agora space next to Clementine’s. We got a cup of coffee and it was delicious. Hands down, best cup of coffee in town. We will be going back often, for sure!

/  Taylor Jarrell  /


Always fresh, roasted on site.

/  DJ Seifert  /


Unexpected jewel of a coffee shop!!! Located inside a shopping area- this place is some of THE BEST local coffee in Harrisonburg. The owner is fantastic and has a great passion and you can taste it in the coffee!

/  Crystal D.  /